T-Lift Material Handling Equipment Limited Warranty


General Principles

This Limited Warranty applies to the material handling equipment sold, subject to the Proforma Invoices or Delivery Document,to all other regions and countries except the territory of People’s Republic ofChina by T-Lift Equipment


Limits & Exclusions

T-Lift warrants each product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period as specified by WARRANTY TIME PERIODS listed below. 

Service will be rendered, and defective parts will be replaced without cost toyou within that period, provided the equipment does not show evidence asfollows:
1. Equipment being used in improper environment, such as cold storage area,overheating area, dusty area, moisture area, etc.
2. Operation contrary to operating equipment
3. Modification or parts replaced by an unauthorized repair shop.
4. Equipment damaged by improper storage / using or accident.
5. Equipment used beyond rated capacity.
6. Damage caused by improper maintenance.
7. Damage caused by transportation.
That means T-Lift Equipment only provides warranty for equipment failure caused by original quality problem, and only extends to the original purchaser. And the warranty time starts from the day the instrument is delivered from T-Lift Equipment Co., Ltd.

Terms & Method

1)  Warranty Scope 

Manual Equipment
12 months: Hydraulic Pump, Chassis
6 months: Wheel, Rollers, Bushings, Bearings, and Axles

Electric or Semi-electric Equipment
12 months: Chassis, Frame,Hydraulic pump, units equipped with electronic speed control only, Drive motor(except brushes), Transmission, and Electronic speed controller.
6 months. Lift motors (except brushes), Pump, Wiring harnesses, Valves, Oilseals, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders, weldments, and castings.
90 days: Motor brushes, Contactors, Switches, Wheels, Rollers, Bearings,Bushings, Brakes, Axles, Connectors and Fasteners.  

2)  Processing Methods

1. T-Lift Equipment Co., Ltd will send replace parts upon receipt of the claim report and based on its validity.
2. Any equipment which proves defective during the warranty period could bereturned to T-Lift for repair with postage prepaid.
3. Certain defective parts must be returned as precondition of getting compensation parts free of charge, such as electric controllers which shouldnot be opened before return back,electric motor, electric instrument, internal combustion engine etc. In either case not returning or beopened, T-Lift will invoice buyers with according sales price of parts.
4. If on site service is requested (or necessary), for any reason, where the equipment is used, the Customer will pay for all of the service technician's costs: travel time and expenses plus room and board (if any).
The Customer pays for the transport costs (both ways), if the equipment isshipped to DEALER or manufacturer for repair.

3)  Force majeure

The party who cannot fulfill the warranty terms or delays to fulfill the warranty items due to Force majeure shall not be treated as breach of the warranty.